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Lightning Strike : Part 1

As I lay on the ground listening to the lightning strike all around me, a strange noise catches my attention. It sounds like somebody is lurking behind me, waiting for me. I sit up and look around as my eyes adjust. I think to myself, “Why would anybody be out in this weather?” but then again here I am, laying in the grass surrounded by the sounds of the lightning. I yell out, “Hello” and no answer. I get up and walk inside and just as I’m about to put my hands on the doorknob, a raspy voice catches my ear. “Karinna, it’s your time.” Before I can even scream or make a sound, I’m being yanked away from the door and everything goes black.

“Ughhh. What? Where am I?” I can’t see anything except total darkness. My heart is pounding as loud as the lightning is striking. “Am I in a room? All I can tell is that I’m sitting on a cold, hard floor. Maybe concrete?” I feel around for anything I can find but to no avail, there is nothing. I sink down to the floor waiting for whatever is about to come. As I’m alone in the cold, dark room, I start to think, “Why must I be in this position? What did I ever do to deserve everything I’ve been through? Being my father's daughter has cost me my entire life. It has cost me my mother, my sanity, and my free will. I already know wherever I am is the result of my father. I’ve been running for so long and finally he's caught up with me.”

What feels like hours starts to go by before I hear any noise other than the lightning. I always find comfort in the lightning because it was my mother’s favorite. The last memory I have of my mother was when I was a little girl, no older than ten. I remember her reading my favorite book to me as I fell asleep to the sound of her voice and the lightning. The last words I ever heard from her were “If you ever get lonely, just remember the lightning is always near.” I’m drifting off to sleep, thinking of my mother, as I get startled awake by the sound of my father’s voice. I can hear his voice bellowing through the cold walls. With each word he speaks, his voice gets closer and closer before it’s right outside the room I’m locked in. I hear him grab the keys and push them into the lock and “click”.

As I’m being blinded by the light that I haven’t seen in what feels like forever, my father steps into the cold room. My eyes adjust and he’s standing right in front of me. The man I’ve been running from for seven years is standing right there. The man who has ruined my entire youth is standing right there. The man who is responsible for my mother’s death is right in front of me and I’m unable to do a thing about it. My ears and face are burning hot with rage as I lunge forward at him attempting to hurt him in any way possible but of course I’m thrown back into the room by his guards.

“Settle down my sweet Karinna! We have a lot to discuss. A lot of things have happened since you’ve been gone my dear. I’ve been searching high and low for you for seven years,” my father says with an evil smirk. He steps closer to me and grabs my face ever so gently and asks, “Why have you been running from me for so long? You know what’s waiting for you here dear.” Filled with rage, I spit in his face and scream, “You’re the reason my mother is gone! You’re the reason my life has been nothing but insane from running from your men to trying to figure out how to survive by myself. I lost all sense of myself by the time I turned thirteen. I never wanted to be apart of your life or the way you live. You weren’t like this when mom was alive.. Or were you?” My father draws his hand back and with a big huff smacks me upside my face and knocks me out sending me back unconscious.

I wake up once more as I’m being picked up by somebody. I ask shakily, “Where are you taking me?” The same raspy voice that I heard earlier replied, “You’re father has ordered me to retrieve you and take you to the dining hall.” “I can walk by myself. Let go of me!” I order the older man. As he leads me out of the tiny, cold room, I enter a narrow hallway as he tells me to go forward. We walk for what felt like forever until we reach a dimly lit dining hall. I see my father at one end of the table waiting for me. I think to myself, “Oh how great is this. I already know what this is about. It’s what I’ve been running from my entire life. My stupid legacy. The one that killed my poor mother… The one that’ll honestly probably kill me too.”


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